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Wedding CT

Super long one-shot

Enjoy :)

“If you don’t get a move on we are going to be late for yet another meeting with the wedding planner” I screamed from the bottom of the stair case. I had been ready for about 20 minutes when Christopher William, my betrothed walked through half dressed. He couldn’t pick a shirt….a damn shirt. Eventually he slid down the bannister and stopped just behind me, jogging me with his knee. I looked up at despite him wearing a soccer Jersey he still looked amazing.

“About time”

“Apologies babe, I just…..ya know….” He shrugged expecting me to know what he meant….but I did not. It was a 10 minute walk to Danielle’s office. She was the third wedding planner, yes third. The first two just didn’t flow with us. They were spewing out bad ideas…..tacky…over the top. Chris had finally proposed after 7 years…..I want this to be…..just right, as does he. We walk hand in hand taking in the cool autumn air, I loved living in NYC during this time of year…..the orange ,brown and yellow colours covering the streets and trees….the cool air. It was easier do organise things when it wasn’t so hot.

“Maybe we can finally pick a venue today”

“Maybe….” I sighed rubbing Chris’s cold hand with my even colder fingers. We pressed the buzzer to the building and Danielle’s voice echoed through.

“Is that the Tomson couple”

“ah yeah…its us”

“Come straight up” She buzzed us in and we took the long accent to her office.

It was warm, cosy; pictures of her past work littered the office. She had the folders and books out all ready for us; she didn’t mess around this one. She grabbed my hand, she always had to look at the ring, she obsessed over the ring, it was pretty big…..a drummers salary pays well it seems.  Hers wasn’t as nice as mine…..

“That ring, it makes my heart sing every time I see it….go sit please” I nodded and sat down next to Chris who was already looking through a magazine.

“Ok so….what did we do last week…yes ok band….no….caterer….no ….Venue no….flowers no….dress….hoping for some wiggle room on that” She spoke so fast my head felt like it was gonna implode….I nodded along with her.

“Well I’m pretty settled on the dress…..”

“Really…..” Her voice, the sound of disagreement…..slight disgust. The dress I want to wear is a pre-owned…..well pre loved I should say. It belonged to my Great- Aunt when she got married to Great Uncle Kristoph on Liberty Island. They came to America and fell in love with one another on the boat here and married the very next day. It’s beautiful, long lace sleeves and a gorgeous long train…..perfect.

“Ok well I’ve got a couple places to go see today in regards to venues so…..let’s not waste any more time, take the books with you and you can maybe….I hope….pick out the cake….finally” She was losing faith in us…..I didn’t blame her. Chris kissed my neck softly as we left to the cab waiting for us outside. We drove all around upstate….looking at country clubs and then hotels in Wellfleet and midtown, she even suggested Cape Cod…..at a yacht club……no, none of it was right. I hated it all, it just wasn’t us. By the end of the day Chris and I were sick to death of wedding talk…..when we got home we just went into different rooms, I went to my study and Chris into the living room to watch sports centre…..I wanted to cry….and call the whole thing off.  I looked over to my dress hanging in its protective bag. Something so old and special….it shouldn’t be hanging in my study…..I walked over and slid it out of the bag and held it against me…….

Then suddenly I realised I had put it on.

“Whoops” I said under my breath. The door opens. I wonder for a second who it could be….then remembered I lived with a 6ft tall bearded goof.

“Hey do….oh wow” he almost fell into the door frame.

“I’m sorry….I couldn’t stop…..it’s been a hard….”

“You look…..oh my god” He covered his mouth and his eyes began to well up.

“OH my god please do not cry…..” he walked up to me….his hand slowly made its way up my laced covered arm and behind my head.  The way he kissed me……he hadn’t kissed me like that in forever. His tongue was in so deep it made my legs wobble.

“I can’t wait to marry you….I….wanna marry you right now” I laughed going in to kiss him again.



“Let’s get married…like now….”

“Shut up……you are talking crazy…it’s the dress its making you question your better judgement” I backed away and began to unzip my dress at the side. It slid off me and fell to the floor as I bent over to pick it up and felt Chris’s hands rub my lower back and grab my butt. I wriggled from his grasp and hung my dress back up. Even though I wasn’t wearing the most….risqué underwear, Chris still couldn’t keep from grabbing me and lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around him and rubbed my nose against his.

“Maybe….sorry….it was the dress….” I bit his bottom lip, indicating I was in the mood and he carried me to bed. Laying me down softly and wasting no time sliding my panties off and teasing my clit with his tongue….he was so good….he was the best….he was and always will be. I pulled at his hair bucking my pussy into his face, the way his beard tickled….fuck it felt good. His hands playing roughly with my tits, pulling my nipples making my hips gyrate faster with the rhythm of his tongue and lips against my pussy. It took 10 minutes for me to cum, quick but no less enjoyable….lapping up the last of it he winked at me and walked to our bedroom to clean up. I sat up biting my lip, my pussy still sensitive I touched myself gently….thinking about how amazing our wedding night was gonna be, how amazing our life together will be……maybe he’ll finally let me get a dog when we’re married…..

The next morning Chris was up way earlier than I was. Like….I was so dazed in my half-awake half asleep state, that I wasn’t sure if it was really 4am that he got up….but it was.  He had left a note on the bed, written ever so neatly, especially for Chris. That chicken scratch was difficult for even I to read, and I teach 3rd grade.

To my wife

Last night, I was deadly serious about marrying you as soon as possible…..as soon as today even, I have arranged everything, the guests, the brides maids are waiting down stairs to have breakfast and to help you get ready…..your Mom even made it. I rang them all as you slept telling them that we couldn’t wait….this was how we wanted it, nothing big, just small…..special….and as soon as possible. I hope you aren’t mad at me and leave me standing at the bottom of our garden, where we have the (in your words) bandstand type thingy covered in yellow roses. Gosh I hope you aren’t mad at me for doing this but……I couldn’t wait….don’t ask or wonder what I had to do to get this sorted but…..I did it babe….for you, no more crappy ideas, tacky or over the top. Just us, our home, our friends and family…… I fucking love you more than the Nets….there you have it writing now,

Will you marry me today?

Love always Christopher

Well I was crying halfway through the note but by the end I was balling. A Knock on my door and my Mom walks in….dressed to the nines…at 8am.

“Morning sweetie” she walked to me and wiped my tears. “No crying today…..”

“Arent you like mad at him…or us…..”

“No….this is exactly like you two, we either thought you would do this…..or do it one afternoon without the dress or the family”

“Did everyone make it”

“Everyone that could…..Chris was calling people all night….he spent…all night…..doing this for you….but just say the word and I’ll beat him and tell him he was stupid…”
“No….god…I don’t hate this….this is EXACTLY what I wanted….I was just too afraid to ask for it….”

“Well then I guess you chose the right fella to marry” I giggled and got up from my bed and slipped on my bathrobe.

“What’s for breakfast?”

“A buffet….”

“Shut the front door” Mom nodded and took my hand; my kitchen was full of breakfast foods and my friends. Perfect.

I shovelled my food in so fast, I just wanted to get ready…..I couldn’t look out back……they had even covered my windows up to keep me from peaking. Jenna did my hair, Nicki did my make up…..there was no way I was putting on my eyeliner the way I was shaking. Mom had brought up the champagne, I was limited to a glass after I necked the first one.

“I will not have my daughter stumble up the aisle” After Jenna put up the last of my hair she placed the veil carefully over my head.

“You look fucking spectacular…..” Mom shot a look at Jenna as she kissed my cheek and helped me up. I turned to the 3 of them.

“So….how do I look” Mom held back the tears and just nodded.

“I’d marry you” Jenna said wiping a couple tears away. Nicki just put thumbs up then shouted.

“DON’T CRY….that eye makeup AINT waterproof…..it was very last  minute I grabbed all I could” He Jersey accent sounded pissed but I knew she was happy for me.

“So when do I go get married” I sighed rubbing my dress down. A face I hadn’t seen in a while popped through my bedroom door.

“Right now….” Ezra….typically had to make an entrance…..I ran up to him and hugged him.

“WOAH….careful….the suit….and your dress I guess….wow I would totally marry you….if I wasn’t already….don’t tell Nadja….”

“You still giving me away Koenig”

“Sure…..I’m like a dad to like everyone I know….but especially to you…come on then….everyone is waiting….Mom why don’t you go take your seat front and centre downstairs…bridesmaids…..follow me and the bride….let’s do this….”

I stood at my french doors. I breathed in deeply….slowly…..

“What is it like out there?”

“You’ll see” He pushed the doors open and I was greeted by the Auntumn Sun almost blinding me…..and the sound of people standing…..and then the sound of someone playing the Piano beautifully, of course it was Rostam. I looked over and saw a white tent…..covering the guests, just in case it rained….fairy lights and yellow roses everywhere. A white carpet underneath my feet, then at the end, Chris standing on that band stand thingy….shaking just as much as me. He was wearing the same suit he wore the night he proposed to me….which is evidently the same suit he was wearing when we met. He looked amazing…..this whole thing was amazing. I almost fainted from how perfect it all was. I stopped just before the step and kissed Ezra’s cheek.
“Thank you” I whispered, then I turned and took Chris’s hand, He helped me up and kissed my hand.

“Well….you made it…so I guess you aren’t that mad” I laughed and looked at my friend Ana, she was performing the service….how did he get Ana here on such short notice….last time I checked she was in Pennsylvania. I hugged her and stood, shaking…trying not to cry……as we began…..

I was Mrs Tomson….finally….exactly the way we wanted it.

It got a little windy towards the end, so my Mom’s friends got some outdoor heating set up…..so when Chris and I danced our first dance…..we weren’t cold. He had arranged my favourite Polish bakery and market to cater the wedding…and even make the cake, 4 tiers of my favourite Paczki’s, which are like donuts….but SO much better.

“How did you get them….they are like the best bakery in Brooklyn….”

“When I mentioned it was our wedding day…..they were more than happy….plus I paid a shit ton of money….” I giggled into his chest and continued to sway to the music…….

I totally started a like 2 parter tonight put the paper work aside and cracked out the netbook, it'll be done by tomorrow swear it 💕

Awesome! I’m so excited to read it! :D

I actually legitimately had a dream last night that we got a couple of new submissions on this blog.

Any imagines, one shots, or fic requests out there?

It’s Throwback Thursday!

Here’s an interview with Vampire Weekend from Ibiza Rocks in 2009. Check out CT’s Ace Ventura impression. Too adorable.

State of the Digbythirst Address

Hi everyone! This is Ellen, the new digbythirst admin :)

So I really miss this blog and I kinda want to work towards getting things active on here again! I realize that a lot of you guys don’t have time to write or submit stuff because of school and work (I’m kind of in the same boat), and while fic and imagines are the main focus of this blog, I’m thinking of trying to incorporate other types of beautiful beardy babe lovin’ content so we can still keep this blog going and keep this CT lovefest going.

The main problem though is that the dubs just ended their tour (Boyz II Men’s “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” plays softly in the distance), so there aren’t really new pictures or interviews going around. One idea I had was maybe starting a Throwback Thursday kind of thing where once a week we post an old interview or photo or video clip of CT being adorable.

What other types of things would you like to see on this blog? Do you have any ideas/questions/comments/concerns? Please respond to this post or message me through here if you have any questions or ideas!

Also, as always, if you have imagines or fics you’d like to share with us, you can submit them to us here. Like, you guys are all so seriously talented at writing. I’d love to see some new one shots, or for some of the fics that got started earlier on in the summer/this year to keep going! I’m sure anything y’all write will be absolutely wonderful!

I will conclude with a picture of pre-beard CT making a cute lil drumming face (he has such a nice jawline what the hell).

Thank you.

ok i don't even remember if this is even on this blog but it was when a ct thirst blog was first created one of the first submissions was a thing about you tutoring/studying with ct and you take a nap and you wake up to him jacking off?? I can't find it in ur directory but i need it

I think that might have been on the old thirst blog that got deleted bby :(

Does anyone happen to have this fic anywhere? Or would anyone be interested in writing something inspired by this because we need new posts hachacha

wow this blog does not get nearly enough love as it should <33

its been a bit dead lately but we coming back with even more thirst quenching stuff thank you :)

Does anyone have any requests/prompts/etc? Preferably on the fluffier side. :)
this blog hasn't updated in like over a month..? everything ok

Yeah oh god ok I feel like super bad but basiclly I got promoted at work kinda well I’ve been working really hard towards it and I have had no time to go on my pc like I’ve been checking tumblr from my phone now and then and nothing else. I apologise for anyone who thought this was just dead, I’m handing over main admin to Ellen (bajablastthirstblog) for a while but we will bring it back I promose sorry again xx

Dedicated To The One I Love

I lived in the Mojave desert for 10 years and I’ve never faced a drought like the one on this blog smh

Tonight is your last night with Chris before he leaves to finish the last leg of the tour. Seeing him these past few weeks while everyone’s on break has been nothing short of magical, and while you told yourself that this was all part of the territory when getting involved with a musician, deep down you knew you weren’t ready to go another two months of exclusively texting and Skyping after having his arms around you when you woke up every morning.

You want to make this final night together truly memorable, so you decide to surprise Chris with a little something special just for him. You ask him to meet you at the apartment at 7:00 sharp, wearing his denim button-up shirt and those tight khakis that hug his package in just the right way. You would meet him there shortly after.

Chris arrives with flowers, only to find that the living room furniture has been completely rearranged. The mid-century modern wingback chair was now sitting in the center, pointed directly across from the vintage record player cabinet. Next to the chair stood a thin, tall side table serving as a home for a glass of ice, a bottle of nice whiskey, and a hand-written note. “Please help yourself, I’ll be out shortly. XOX”, signed with a kiss from a fresh coat of cherry red lipstick.

You hear the ice cubes clink against the glass from the other room and decide to give Chris a few seconds to get situated before you come out. You give yourself one last look before you make your way out: you spent the morning putting your hair into pin curls and feel like you’ve just stepped off of the red carpet during Hollywood’s golden age. You go with a slight smoky eye to compliment the red lipstick, with a simple short pearl necklace and matching stud earrings for jewelry. This was all brought together with a short pale pink silk robe, tied with a long white ribbon as a sash, your garters and nude stockings barely peering out from the bottom, paired off with a simple pair of heels.

You tiptoe out nervously, having second doubts about the whole idea. Is this something he’d really be into, or will he end up laughing in your face? It’s too late to back out now you decide, and make your way over to the living room.

He’s sitting with his head facing down, his eyes fixated upon the half-drunken whiskey glass in his one hand while the other runs up and down his thigh.

"Oh Chris," you call to him softly. He looks up, and as soon as his eyes make contact with your body, his eyes widen and his jaw hangs open, quickly glancing you up and down.

"Woah," he sighs, completely awestruck. "Babe, you look amazing.” Still feeling a little shy, the only response you can muster is to smile and blush. You turn and head over to the record player cabinet, bending down, back arched, to flip through your collection of old girl group 45s. From the corner of your eyes, you can see that Chris has tilted his head in order to take in a view of your heart-shaped bottom and your shapely legs, licking his lips. Oh yeah, you’ve definitely got him good.

You come across your Shirelles single and gently place it on the turntable. A crackling static fills the room shortly after the sharp sinking sound of the needle making contact, followed by two or three seconds of silence before Shirley Owens’ voice fills the room.

This is dedicated to the one I love

You slowly turn to face Chris as the instrumentalization builds up, your hips circling in time with the bass.

As you face him, you continue to grind your hips, legs about shoulder-width apart, bending your knees slowly and wrapping your arms around your waist.

While I’m far away from you, my baby

I know it’s hard for you, my baby

You make you slowly make your way over to Chris, hands delicately placed on your robe’s sash.

Because it’s hard for me, my baby

And the darkest hour is just before dawn

You drop your robe in one foul swoop, revealing your pin-up chic high-waisted panties with built-in garters and matching balconette bra, silk and pale pink with white trim to compliment the robe. Chris’s cheeks puff out as he exhales slowly, devouring you with those beautiful blue eyes of his.

Chris’s legs are spread out, and you are now standings squarely between the two, his eye-line level with your chest.

Each night before you go to bed, my baby

Whisper a little prayer for me, my baby

You bend down to give Chris a quick peck on the lips, then snap back up to rub his face into your cleavage. With one hand running through his hair and the other being used to balance yourself on his taut chest, his thick and well-groomed facial hair tickles against your skin just the way you like it. 

And tell all the stars above

This is dedicated to the one I love

You linger a few moments longer nibbling his ear and peppering his jaw with kisses, but as the bridge builds you turn away from him, walking a few steps out.

You glance over your shoulder, swaying your hips wildly to the drumbeat. Both of Chris’s hands are rubbing up and down his thighs furiously, stopping for a moment to tug at the fabric around his now-aching crotch.

Life can never be exactly like we want it to be

Your arm snakes around to the back, hovering over the bra’s simple closures.

I can be satisfied just knowing that you love me

You quickly unhook the bra and toss it to the side. You turn to face him sharply, your arms guarding your bare breasts from being exposed too early.

There’s one thing I want you to do

After swaying your hips for a moment, you drop your arms to the side. Chris runs his hands through his hair nervously as eyes bulge out of his skull like an old-timey cartoon character. Could it really be?

Especially for me

It is. You’re wearing small heart-shaped pasties under that bra, and you’re twirling them like nobody’s business.

And it’s something that everybody needs

You wink and smile at Chris as you move closer. This drives him over the edge.

You find yourself sitting on his lap, your legs straddling him on either side as he sits with his knees together.

Each night before you go to bed, my baby

Whisper a little prayer for me, my baby

His large hands snake their way onto your waist as you gyrate and grind on top of him, giving him all that you’ve got. His mouth hangs open the way it does when he gets really into his drumming onstage and his breathing starts to hitch.

And tell all the stars above

This is dedicated to the one I love

You start to unbutton your way down his denim shirt, running your fingers through his thick chest hair. Chris lets out a low groan.

Your hand still on his chest, you lean your head in closely and whisper the final refrain to him.

This is dedicated to the one I love

You place your other hand on Chris’s cheek and desperately pull him in for a deep kiss. The song fades out and the record player clinks as the needle lifts itself off the record and to the side and the turntable ceases spinning, but it can be barely heard over the two of you moaning softly. His rough veiny hands rub up and down your exposed back as his tongue explores your mouth, stopping now and again to kiss his way down your neck. When your lips meet again you nibble at his lower lip, unbuttoning the last of his shirt and finally running your hands over his dents and his abdomen and the little trail of hair ending right above his crotch. He is growing harder and harder by the minute as you wiggle your ass on top of him. Soon his hands drop down your back firmly onto the swell of your ass. He gives it a little swat and a squeeze before lifting you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, and quickly carrying you off into the bedroom without breaking the kiss.


Chris Tomson and Christian Lavery at the Audi and FC Bayern Munich Soccer Pick-Up Game on July 30, 2014 in Brooklyn, NY



Chris Tomson and Christian Lavery at the Audi and FC Bayern Munich Soccer Pick-Up Game on July 30, 2014 in Brooklyn, NY


Lumberjack Fantasies (Camping w/ CT)

I wrote this on my phone while I’m on vacatio. I’m a little rusty when it comes to my writing skills, so I hope this isn’t totally, totally terrible!


The two of you wake up at the crack of dawn. You pack all of your gear into the back of his car and start heading north towards the mountain range. Both of you are still kind of tired, so you don’t say much on the drive up, but Chris takes your hand in his, squeezing it gently from time to time as he exchanges quick glances with you and smiles in anticipation of the adventure that you will be sharing together.

Chris turns down the radio as the signal fades and you start your descent up the mountain. No accompanying music could do justice to the sights you’re taking in as you slowly pass the most intricately carved mountains, rows of trees so tall you can just barely see them touch the pale lavender skies, and a deer feeding and tending to her fawn. You gaze out your passenger-side window intently until you pull over by the campsite.

You work on getting the cooler stowed away and unloading smaller items, but not before your darling boyfriend excitedly makes his way over to your side of the door and helps you out of your seat. You’re still adjusting to the sensation of standing after being cooped up in the car for so long when you feel yourself suddenly pressed up against the car. Chris’s large, veiny hands are now wrapped around your waist as he pulls into you urgently and delivers slow pecks to your lips. His arms are still around your waist as you turn to face the campsite. “We made it,” he whispers softly into your ear, “are you ready to look around?”

The camping site is smaller than the others, but kind of cozy and secluded. There’s a small fire pit with a few logs intended to serve as benches, a little wooden picnic bench, and just enough space to for your two-person tent. Chris mulls over the tent’s instruction sheet, scratching his beard down the cheek in contemplation as you work on unpacking the cooler, the logs, and his guitar. He’s wearing a half-buttoned red flannel shirt fitting snugly around his biceps, and the lumberjack vibes couldn’t be more infinite. You have to stop yourself from staring as he’s bent over on the ground wrestling with the tent poles, giving you a view of his backside in his faded denim jeans that almost causes you to drop all of the logs you’re carrying all over the ground. When he finally gets the frame put together he cries out in joy and beams from ear-to-ear, his cute little rabbit teeth on full display. Damn.”Hey, log lady!” he giggles to himself about the dumb nickname he has just coined as he jogs back over to the car. “What are you doing over there?”

"I’m just finishing unloading the car, babe. Are you going to be ready for the hike after this?"

"Hiking?! But I’m tired!" Chris whines, pouting like the dumb lil baby he is. "And I’m hungry."

"Weren’t we going to pack a picnic for the hike?"

"Yeah, but I’m not ready to go on the hike yet." He rests his hands on your shoulders. "I want to take a nap first."

His hands start running down your arms as he speaks softly into your ear again. “Aren’t you ready for a nap too? You were up really early today. And you’ve been working so hard on getting the campsite ready…you must be pretty tired too.” He wraps you into a hug with one arm, your head nuzzling into his chest as he runs his fingers through your scalp with his other hand. He’s already starting to smell like a smoking campfire. It’s absolutely intoxicating mixed with his usual musky scent.

He was right. The fact that you were awake before noon was a feat in and of itself. He grabs your wrist as you two wander over to the tent in a daze. Inside the air mattress had already been blown-up, both sleeping bags zipped together, ready for the two of you to crawl in. You feel nice and cozy in Chris’s old Columbia sweatshirt as he puts his strong bicep around you and pulls you near him once more. You sigh contently, slowly nodding off, when Chris nestles into the crook of your neck. His rough hands are rubbing your hips and then slowly down your thighs until they plunge between two layers of fabric. His actions—mixed with his stiffened length slowly pressing up against your back—make you awake all over again instantly.

Once you catch onto his mood, you roll over on top of him. You run your fingers through his fluffy chest hair as his hand guides you in by the back of your neck and his tongue slowly yet deliberately seeks out yours. Clothes fly across the tent as both of you desperately attempt to undress each other in the confines of the sleeping bag. Both moaning through your kisses, you pull each other in for another string of rough kisses as soon as you are forced to break away.

You lower yourself onto Chris easily, rocking your pelvis back and forth as you watch his face light up and contort. The pupils of his icy blue eyes dilate and his tongue hangs out ever so slightly as he helps with the thrusting, his eyes fixated on your chest as you breathe in and out. His hands reach around to squeeze at your ass as he shuts his eyes tightly. His jaw is agape as he pants and groans and curses under his breath. The faces he makes when he’s getting close are somehow simultaneously adorable and ridiculously sexy. He props himself up to better hit your g-spot, working a finger in snugly as he continues to thrust, steading you with his hand on your spine as your thighs start to quiver in pure pleasure. He finally grunts and lets out one last, long, gutteral moan before pulling you back down beside him on the mattress, kissing you up and down your face and neck before you both fall into a blissful state of rest.

When you are awake again, the two of you spend the afternoon hiking arounf the mountainside, picking wildflowers for you to put in his beard when he isn’t looking. You arrange them when you get back to the campsite, holding each other close as the sun finally sets and the last embers of the campfire slowly die out.

I feel bad bc when I have no time to write my stories it seems like no one else wants to write but we’ll accept everything and anything you write! I’m sure it’s lovely and I read everything!

There's no way to start a disslcussion topic like this without sounding like a creep, buuuuuut: What do all y'all think CT fantasizes about when he masturbates?


RIP CT's beard :( Good thing he has thay cute lil babyface going for him :)