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Buskin’ Boy Part 2

I’m eating chocolate and drinking wine, prepare yourselves!

I chewed my pen on the train home while reading some paper work. I had some folk music playing in my ear. My stomach still felt knotted from this morning. To be honest I was looking forward to seeing Chris as I exited the subway. He wasn’t there….he had left early perhaps…..my heart sunk a little….I stopped chewing my pen and slowly made my way through the crowds of people back to my home. It got less crowded through the park, suddenly I could hear those sweet chords I hear every morning to work. I stopped in my tracks and looked around rapidly for Chris….I spotted him sitting on the bench….towards the exit of the park. I thought about just walking straight past him…..as I continued to walk slowly towards the exit….I caught him looking up at me in the corner of my eye. I took my ear phones out and decided to….acknowledge him. I stood in front of him and smiled awkwardly waving.

"Evening Y/N"

"I never see you in this park…."

"Are you implying that I’m following you?" I grinned and looked away. I sighed and began to walk away…. "I was kidding hey….come on" He called me back. "How about I treat you to dinner"

"Sounds like a date….you sure your socially ready for that" He put his guitar away and slapped his thighs and stood up. 
"You are waayy too cheeky" He bit his lip and grinned at me. 

"Meet here in an hour…." I pointed at him and backed away. He nodded and began to walk off in the opposite direction. I walked in, fed the cat and got my self ready in no time. I went with something casual…comfortable. 

I sat on the bench, playing a game on my phone waiting patiently. I checked the time….it was 7 on the dot….I played for a little while longer, I actually got so distracted that I didn’t realise that it was 7:30 and He was still a no show. I decided not to wait any longer than 7:45…considering it was getting dark and I wasn’t a fan of this park after dark. So I waited….I grew….angry….enraged almost. I balled my fists and stomped back home. How dare he offer to take me for dinner and never show up. What kind of game does he wanna play, he has no idea I’m not the one to chase….trust me. I slammed my front door and laid face first on my couch. I felt my cat walk onto my back, meow and lay down on me.

"Get off" I muffled pathetically into the cushion. When I began to roll over she screeched and ran off. I Stared up at my apartment ceiling wondering why do I bother….why did he bother….I think I’ll just ignore him tomorrow, I’ll walk right past him on the way to work and too….hopefully he will be so ashamed from standing me up that he’ll keep his stupid big head down and play his stupid guitar….stupid boy. I dipped into my vacation fund again to buy myself some take out for dinner. God I sucked at saving money….but when you live in a city so fucking expensive what are you to do….the food arrived in no time and I was pigging out angrily in front of my TV by 9pm. In some ways I was expecting a call from him….to give me some kind of excuse. But nope….it got so late I had to call it a night. 

My piece of shit apartment with its thin ass windows let all sorts of noise in….so by 5 am I was awake from the dump trucks racing down, still pissed of from the night before I was in no mood for anything. I didn’t even pet the cat on the way out. 

I carried my work bag over my shoulder and with a scowling face walked towards the bakery to get some breakfast. I ordered 3 bagels with extra butter and an extra large coffee to go.

"I’ll get that" I heard a familiar voice, I tensed up and rolled my eyes.I saw the hands of a certain guitar player reach over me and pay the clerk.

"Is this some kinda of messed up way to repay me for last night…. just leave me alone" I snatched the bag from the clerk and coffee and began to storm out.

"Wait WAIT" I shut the door in his face and rushed off to get the train to work. I wasn’t going to cry….I wasn’t going to make a scene….I just felt so….stupid. I sat on the wall near the station and finished off my food and coffee…I kicked my feet sadly as he dangled off the edge. Once I had finished I made my way to work….

I flicked rolled up pieces of paper into the trash can next to my desk while I waited the time away. Suddenly I could hear cheering and music coming from the break room. I decided to slip away from my desk to see what was going on. I poked my head through. Are you fucking kidding me. Chris was standing in the corner playing for a group of my work colleagues. They were cheering him as he sang and played loudly.

"What’s he doing here" I pushed my way through into the room and asked someone.

"Y/N he’s a friend of yours right? he came here looking for you and we insisted he play for us….he’s really good" Did he seriously follow me here….this guy is so weird….and annoying and…..and….my god he is cute….and a good singer….but he’s still an ass for ditching me last night.

"Y/N" He stopped playing and pushed through the people to get to me. I rushed back out of the door and into the hallway. "Wait…please can I just…."

"How dare you come to my work place….god you’re so creepy….but I guess I have a right to know why you stood me up last night…"

"Its gonna sound really stupid and you are most likely going to think its a lie but….I got….scared" 

"….scared…what are you 5 and afraid of catching cooties off me…"

"I haven’t been out with another woman in a really long time and….I dunno I just got nervous…sorry Y/N you deserve better than that"

"Look at you, how are you nervous….you are very talented and handsome…you seem confident"

"That’s why I tried to be all cool and cold towards you yesterday, because I didn’t want to seem like…..you know…a freak"  Ok now I felt a little bad….I leant on the wall and looked down at my shoes. "I know it seems weird coming here but….I kind of panicked and followed you here this morning….I’m sorry…"

"It’s ok….you better go back to the station…and I better get back to work before I get fired…." I patted him on the back and sighed. "How about…just as friends you come to my place, I can make you some dinner and you can…..tell me anything that’s bothering you….it might help?"

"Really?….after I stood you up"

"I’m not an angry person…much…but I feel kind of bad for you"

"Thanks" He said sarcastically

"In all seriousness….I really admire you….you got talent…and you must be dealing with some underlining relationship issues…maybe I could help in some way"

"You are far too good for this world" He put his hands behind his head and smiled down at me. I smiled sweetly back at him. 

"I’ll see you later ok, will you be outside the station like normal?" he nodded and winked at me….I walked away back to my desk, I looked back once and saw Chris smiling slightly and waving. Oh boy what was I doing….

Ay whatever happened to waking up in the middle of the night and him being in the bathroom fic?

I dunno :( too many unfinished fics it breaks my heart :(

Buskin’ Boy part 1/?

Ok so I’ve started something new

if you want me to carry it on let me know!

I know it seems a little slow now but I got plans! enjoy x0x

He was there every day outside the Subway station. Wind, rain…snow….any kind of weather really. He had this beat up old Acoustic guitar with this strap covered in cool patterns. I would watch him for a while in the morning before my train….then he would still be playing by the time I got off my train home. I must look so weird staring at him every day but….It’s one of the only things that gets me excited to go to work in the mornings.

On a particular wet Tuesday Morning, I had change in my pocket. I decided to walk through the hustle and bustle and puddles to drop in my £2 dollars’ worth of change. With my pink umbrella sheltering me from the rain I felt kind of bad for him, standing there soaking wet. The change hit the guitar case and the other coins making that satisfying noise colliding money does. Suddenly he stopped playing and looked up at me. I gripped the handle of my umbrella and stared straight into his swimming pool like eyes.

“Thank you…you make sure you have a lovely day…” I watched his mouth, which was surrounded by a luscious beard move and those words pour from his lips. The black shirt he wore clung to his body, wet from the rain. I held my umbrella over his head, the feeling of the rain soaking my hair and clothes wasn’t pleasant. But the smile on his face made up for it.

“I know you spend every waking moment out here…..but I thought you could use a break….let me  buy you some coffee…to make sure you don’t die of hypothermia”  he chuckled deeply showing off those cute….but kinda goofy teeth of his. He gathered his money from his case and put the guitar away. I wiped the rain from my face and smiled just as wide back at him. He said that he was going to dry himself in the men’s room of the café we ended up. We bumped into one another on exiting the bathrooms. I followed him to a corner booth and sat opposite him.

“I’m Chris by the way” He stuck out his hand and nodded towards me.

“Y/N” I grabbed it tightly and shook it firmly. He insisted that he pay for the coffee…..I insisted we go Dutch. He hummed under quietly as he watched the young man walk over and take our order. Just two coffees….lots of milk and sugar….this wasn’t a morning for fully bitter beverage.

“I can’t stay long….gotta get back to my spot” He said abruptly. I felt a little disappointed. Was I too forward….I just wanted to give him a break from this shitty weather….I felt off put by this comment and remained silent until the boy returned with our coffee pot and extra milk and sugar.

“You watch me every morning….why did you wait till now to actually give me some money” He poured a heck load of sugar into his drink. I cocked an eyebrow a little distracted from this then sighed.

“I never usually carry change around with me, but I had to buy some pens for my work station so I had change….”

“Cool” was all he replied with before blowing into his mug. Silence fell again. This wasn’t quite how I pictured this…..maybe he was put off by me…..maybe he thought I was just pitying him.

“Do you live near by?”

“Greenpoint…how about you?”

“Same…how strange…”

“Not really….” He looked away and stood up.

“What did I say?” I stood up too…..a little surprised at my actions…

“It’s…..nothing you said….Just…..no one has ever offered me a drink or…..sheltered me from the rain….it just threw me off a little….I’m just so used to everyone being cold……in this city people don’t…..do that….”He picked up his guitar case and pulled out some money from his pocket and placed it down.

“Doesn’t mean you have to be so cold….I guess I’m one of the good people out there” He looked down at me and chewed his lip and knelt down in front of me. I noticed the sun was coming out from the clouds outside. I gave him my umbrella.

“You’re going to need that if it rains again, don’t want you getting a cold now” I kissed his cheek and moved him out of the way to leave.

“Y/N” I froze and clutched my bag close to me.

“I’m sorry just…..I really don’t know how to act in these situations….pretty girls offering me pink umbrella and coffee…..feels like I’m some indie love story” I turned around laughing out loud, a little flattered that he thought I was pretty.

“Right so next time I’ll just bring you a pretzel and a beer” He laughed and sighed.

“That would be nice…..or I could do something for you….and yes I can afford it”
“I didn’t say anything” I held my hands up and looked at my watched. I was late….again. I rushed back over to Chris and passed him my work card.

“It has my Cell on it…..despite the awkwardness and the fact you….got offended? Maybe?…I really wanna see you again” He took it from me and ran his thumb over it.

“That would be great….maybe he could leave the cheek kissing till the second….third time we meet hey” He took my hand and shook it.

“It’s been a pleasure Y/N”

“Likewise” I said my cheeks burning red. I rushed out of the café and ran to make the train……

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Are we still going to get VS Fashion Show CT or part 2 of Laundry Day? I was really excited for both of those :) Good job on LOML by the way!

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Imagine rubbing Chris's sore arms and back for him the night after a big gig, and it feels really good for him so you two start rubbing some other things ifyaknowwhatimean

dont im dead friends bYEEBYE -hannah

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SAME!! where is every1 send some imagines!! one shots!! SMUT!!! plz!  -hannah

Light of My Life: Last chapter

sorry to cop out a little but I’m really not sure how to finish it…

I’m gonna work on a new fic asap….

enjoy :)

I leant over the bridge dropping flower petals into the water. My mind was troubled….Chris stood next to me kissing my head softly.

“Do you want some ice cream?” I shook my head and looked up at him. When I looked up at him, it didn’t feel….right. I frowned at him and sighed.

“What’s wrong baby” He stroked my face with the back of his hand. I grabbed it and kissed it smiling.

“I’m fine…..promise” We went straight back to the hotel and I sat on the end of the bed watching T.V playing with my hair. I looked over to him as he was playing on his phone…..silence. Was this it, just kinky sex….splashing cash….He winked at me and went into the bathroom. I rushed over to the desk and began to write.


No words can express how grateful I am for all the things you’ve done for me

Bought me, all the feelings I’ve felt, and that’s the problem. I think I’m falling for you.

You couldn’t love me…..I’m just a prop in your kink….and I was ok with it…Until someone made me realise that I’m just a kid….like I said…you couldn’t love a kid right.

I hope you understand.


“Chris I’m just going out for a smoke….” I whimpered….as I began to hastily pack my bags. I could hear the shower start. I left the shoes..pearls….dress….I couldn’t have this. I rushed out and ran down to the front of the hotel. Tears streaming down my face I hailed a cab to take me home….I chewed my lip as I begged the driver to go as fast as possible.  I turned my phone off and walked through the door of my home. I dropped my bag and walked into the kitchen while Mom was smoking.

“What you doing home already?”

“I’m feeling a little icky…I think I’m just gonna go straight to bed….” I kissed her cheek and rushed to my room….I cried…a lot…I felt…stupid, immature…just completely ridiculous. I needed a cigarette….I grabbed a hidden packet from under my bed and I rushed out to the front steps. I slumped down and stuck a smoke in my mouth. I looked down at my black screen, wondering whether or not to turn it on…. I slipped my hand in my pocket frantically looking for a lighter.

“Need a light” I looked up and saw Chris standing there with his Zippo a light. He brought it down to my cigarette.

Oh fuck. I exhaled and looked away. He knelt down in front of me…I still didn’t look at him.

“Do you really want this?” Tears rolled down my cheeks as I looked down at my feet. I shrugged. “Because if you do….you should have just said, I’ll never force you to do anything Bella” I took a deep drag on the smoke and rubbed my sore eyes.

“Chris….” I whimpered his name as he cupped my face and kissed my cheek. I smiled at him and got rid of the butt of my smoke and took his hands and sighed.

“Baby….I’m sorry if made you feel…pressured…uncomfortable….I really like you Bella….”

“I really like you too….” 

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